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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Better than a pocket full of posies

I'm sure we all know how much I hate pink, but I make exceptions for nice things.

Like walking into any room in my home and seeing these little faces.  It just makes life seem more manageable.

I brought home a bucket of roses (literally, a bucket!) from a Bat Mitzvah I worked on Saturday, and by Monday they were looking a little sad.  So I peeled off the dead outer petals, re-cut the stems, and shocked them back to life with hot water and sugar, then placed them in vases with a warm water/sugar/vinegar mixture.

These guys are in my bathroom, and they're doing much better than the ones in the living room, but it's still nice to have them everywhere.  Even though my house is still a disaster from moving, it helps the place feel liveable.

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