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Monday, March 21, 2011

WHAT did you just call me?

I was stalking G.D. Falksen's facebook, and got inspired to write this post.

I grew up going by my middle name, because children were cruel. How many kids made fun of YOUR name? Now try being a piece of food. Especially a fruit with sexual connotations. Parents, keep lying to yourself: 10 year old kids totally know about sex, and what 'eating' means. I was lucky not to go to school. I just had to deal with my neighbourhood brats.

When I started 8th grade, I decided 'screw it' and tried my first name again. New state, new people, hopefully new rules?

Cherry. It's not that hard. It's a common food, you'd think people would get it, but I've had people actually CORRECT ME, saying "Oh, did you mean Sherry?" Uhh, yeah, whoops, forgot my own name there!

Especially over the phone, I'd always get called Sherry, Terry, Jerry, Charity, and once even Megan, but I think she just didn't want to listen. People even ask me how to spell it. I wouldn't be so confused about that if I didn't introduce myself by saying "like the fruit".

Then around 10th grade, an ex boyfriend started calling me Fruit Bitch. I thought "now there's a name I can get behind". Easy to spell, easy to remember, and pretty much to the point.

So Fruit it was. And now I'm just making you suffer on purpose. ;}

Eat that.

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