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Monday, March 21, 2011

Afterthoughts: Jaded (Lowell, MA)

Jaded is the first and (so far) only club night I've been to in Massachusetts, and the only fetish club night I know of.

The first time I went was New Years Eve. I've always been a big party-goer. I don't usually drink, at least more than one drink, but I enjoy being in crowds of people on holidays. I really wanted to get out of the house, and the only thing I could find that piqued my interest was Jaded.

I wasn't very impressed with Jaded at first. It was small, it was dirty, the speakers sounded like crap... I had a headache, and I didn't know anyone, except my boyfriend whom I'd dragged along to a fetish NYE party. Surprisingly, he liked it. Maybe because he got to see a naked chick with a strap-on spanking a schoolgirl, but we should all be so lucky (and we were)! Overall, I really enjoyed it, and by the end of the night, I found myself wanting to stay despite the boredom (I didn't know anyone, remember?).

Then Sarula booked me as a cage dancer for March 12 (Jaded presents The Boston Toy Party) - my first stage gig in MA!!! It was small and dirty and had sound problems, but god damn I was excited. Excited to get out of the house, excited to meet people, excited to DANCE! I seemed to be growing a fondness for Jaded, despite people telling me how crappy it was and that I shouldn't bother with it. I mean, it's about 45min-1hr away from me, but I really like the thought of going there. (I think part of the problem is Sarula's hot ass in shiny, shiny latex!) And somehow, it was a million times better, despite being dirtier.

I spent the night dancing more than I had for MONTHS - and DAMN I was sore the next day (and a few days after that). I actually met and spoke with people! It was absolutely fantastic, and went a lot better than I'd have hoped it would. Sarula is absolutely wonderful, and seems to be sweet as cherry pie topped with ice cream. I know what it's like working to promote a club, and I'm betting she deals with a lot of crap and doesn't get the thanks she deserves.
(BTW Sarula - THANK YOU! You absolutely rock and you're a damn hottie, to boot!)

I even got some great shots of me dancing, from Travis Mayhem Photography:

Protip: Even Latex corsets are restrictive. I switched mine out for under garments and nipple tape about halfway through the night.

Other than dancing, I got to hang out with the great people in the Leather by Danny booth! I'd met them very breifly during the tear-down of FFF#36, but I'm so glad I had the chance to get to sit and talk. I especially look forward to buying (and of course using!) some of the fantastic leatherwork.
(shameful, dirty plug: - warning: sexual themes)

I even had my name on a flyer for the first time! <3 (I've been used for flyers and stuff before, but never my name and website!)

So sure, "all ya haters gonna hate", but from now on you can STFU or GTFO my facebook, and stop telling me I'm wasting my time in a trashy joint. I really look forward to going to Jaded again, and I really look forward to working for Sarula again.

And the rest of you, come join me!
"Always every second Saturday" at Gemstones in Lowell, MA.
(Strict dress code enforced)

April 9th is their 2-year anniversary. <3

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